Ellers Porsangerfjord 40% Carbon


The Ellers Porsangerfjord 40% carbon is part of the Fjord 2020 Ellers Stick Collection. The matt red Stick contains 40% carbon and 60% Fibre glass. This specific material gives more suppleness than carbon and is therefore a more ideal when you start playing for the first time.  In addition to this quality, provides the material extra protection so the stick’s lifespan is extended.


The Porsangerfjord is a 24 mm low-bow curve stick.  This type of curve is the perfect mix for control and dynamic actions.

Currently available in a 36,5

14 in stock


The PorsangerFjord is Norway’s fourth-longest fjord and spreads over 123 km. It is located in the very north of Norway. We added the Fjord’s name to our fourth stick in the collection because of it’s hidden location. But once found, it’s a true sensation.


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