Ellers Sognefjord Full Carbon


The Ellers Sognefjord Full carbon is part of the Fjord 2020 Ellers Stick Collection. The matt Black Stick is crafted with high quality carbon for extra power and control. This characteristic guarantees clean hits. Thanks to the stiffness the stick is less likely to bend which delivers more speed in your ball passes . Accelerate easily and effortlessly in your actions and passes.  Absorbs ball impact and generates an instant overall dominance.


The Sognefjord is a 24 mm low-bow curve stick.  This type of curve is the perfect mix for control and dynamic actions.



The Sognefjord is Norway’s longest fjord. With a length of 204 km no other fjord comes close. We honor the Fjord’s dominance by giving it’s name to our finest stick in the collection.

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36,5, 37,5


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