Ellers Trondheimfjord 60% Carbon


The Ellers Trondheimfjord 60% carbon is part of the Fjord 2020 Ellers Stick Collection. The matt navy Stick is formed out of 60% high quality carbon for extra hardness and 40% glass fibre for a smooth feeling control. The  combination of glass fibre and carbon creates an intense feeling when using the stick and power for ball passes. Feel light and swift in your actions with this stick. Advised user: If you are new to a full field.


The Trondheimfjord is a 24 mm low-bow curve stick.  This type of curve is the perfect mix for control and dynamic actions.

Currently available in a 36,5

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The Trondheimfjord is Norway’s third longest fjord at 130 km long. The name relates to the verb þróast, which means to ‘thrive’ or ‘flourish’ . With a 60 % carbon stick it is inevitable to flourish in your games. The Fjord’s name made a perfect fit for our stick.


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